Another Video – David Garibaldi

My kids really loved seeing this video last year. It was great hearing them guess who he was painting!  It helps them see that art can be interactive and fun; that it doesn’t just have to be done one way.

From the David Garibaldi Website…

Check out his other great videos as well!




Agents of Change song

This is a great elementary/ middle school song from Music K-8 magazine to get your kids inspired to be leaders in their communities and to empower them to lead change.  If you want more info, email me.

– Leslie

Pre-February ProSat Challenge

Hello fellow Community Course members,

We have so inspired by the ways you have been reaching out to the greater arts community to bring something unique and meaningful to your classrooms.  In just our small group of teachers, we have world-famous dance groups and artists making contact with our students; local art curators, Brazilian, and African specialists getting to interact with our kids; and personal friends and family getting involved in our students’ artful lives.  We even had one ambitious CM (Bsus, who’s ridiculous) email Wendy Kopp to get John Legend’s email address!  Amazing how it has all started with an easy email or phone call.

Since so many of you rose to meet our first challenge, here is a second one:  Before Feb ProSat (Feb. 11th), post something on this blog that you are using in your classroom or that has inspired you in some way.  If you need help with ideas, look at the drop-down menus on this blog.  Let’s make this a serious resource for us to bump up student achievement for the next 4 months that we have to influence our amazing students.

I will start by posting two videos.

The first is a video of South African singers and dancers that I am using to reinforce steady beat, introduce duple subdivisions of a beat, and just to invest my kids in the awesomeness there is to be found in the Wide World of Music!  Right now I’m only showing the first minute or so, because of time and attention spans, but some classes are begging to see the rest!

The second is something my aunt, who is an artist, sent me last week.  It is an illustrated lecture (I think a TED talk, but I’m not certain) and I found it inspiring because it made me reevaluate how I envision myself working within our educational system.

I look forward to seeing what you all post here.  When you post, check which category it fits in on the bottom right column of the screen.  Let’s get collaborating!