Guest Collaborators: Brainstorming Q’s- Guest Performer

Here are your responses for the Key planning questions we discussed last Saturday:

Guest Performer:

1. Who would you want to come in? Guest collaborators (even from community college!) for Constance’s strings classes, Guest artist to help frame the use of ceramics. Other ideas: guest soloist for a performance, guest performer to play student compositions?

2. What would they teach/ how would they interact with your students? INSPIRE more than to teach, Talk about what they do- do their performance and be open to questions.  For a guest performer, try to get them to play/ dance/ do art WITH the kids.

3. What would be the outcome of the visit? INSPIRATION! For guest collaborators, a reward and goal. Give students a clear vision of what excellence is and what it takes to get there.

4. How will it impact your students’ achievement/ investment/ life-path? Investment- get Excited!!!  Give the students a goal/ Give them the drive to work harder.

5. What problems do you anticipate encountering? Fundraising!!  Logistics!!  Finding somebody to come to the boondocks.  Student Behavior.

Please use the comments section or your edit abilities to add to these ideas as you go about the process of bringing someone in to present for your kids!  Also, add your solutions!