Guest Collaborators: Brainstorming Q’s- Guest Clinician

Here are your responses for the Key planning questions we discussed last Saturday:

Guest Clinician:

1. Who would you want to come in? Gallery director of the GAC art gallery.  Arkansas Artist from the TED talk.

2. What would they teach/ how would they interact with your students? Review critique procedures, Explain process of putting on a Gallery show, Guide students through a class critique of their own works, Start students on creating their OWN art show.

3. What would be the outcome of the visit? Reinvestment in effort, reinvestment in critique (both for self and for others), the creation of an art show.

4. How will it impact your students’ achievement/ investment/ life-path? see how art is measured in the real world, see how their effort effects their work, become reinvested (see above), increased ownership of work/ effort

5. What problems do you anticipate encountering? Logistics/ time.

Please use the comments section or your edit abilities to add to these ideas as you go about the process of bringing someone in to present for your kids!  Also, add your solutions!