Reaching out to an Internet Community

Here is the example of an e-mail I sent out to Leanne of  She was great and sent me a personal statement back as well as the opportunity to post my kids’ stuff once their project was done!

Hello Leanne,
My name is Melanie Bradshaw and I am an elementary school (K-4) art teacher a small town called Marianna, AR. My 3rd graders really got into street art when we talked about it at the beginning of the year. To build on their excitement, we are now doing a yarn bombing project! I am teaching them to weave on hand looms. They will be making small blocks and then we will sew them together and yarn bomb our bus ramp posts in front of the school. To get them excited about the project I showed the video of work samples from the Yarn Graffiti Documentary found on Vimeo as well as lots of pictures from your blog. I thought it would be extra cool if we could get a personal statement from you about why you do what you do, perhaps a little about yourself, and just a message of encouragement to the kids of Whitten Elementary School about fiber arts or art in general. Anything you could provide would be great! You have already been an inspiration. Also, I am not sure how you choose what to feature on your blog but when our project is complete, could I send you some photos? The kids would go nuts if they knew their stuff ended up on a street art blog!
Thanks so much!