Hi, and welcome!

My name is Melanie and I taught K-4 art my first two years of teaching, K-6 last year and will be 3-6 this year.  I have stayed in the same district in Arkansas but have occupied 3 different classrooms, ranging from hole-in-the-wall-small and sinkless to an old home-ec room with a decent amount of space and lots of storage (praise all that is good)! I am originally from Wisconsin and wandered down to Arkansas when Teach for America told me to in 2010.  I stereotypically love the Packers and cheese and miss snow dearly come January, but I am also finding a place in my heart for porch sitting and the sounds of cicadas and Blues here in the Delta.  I majored in Studio Art with an emphasis in Weaving and a minor in Anthropology and still love all things fiber arts and culture.  When not teaching, I love to make art and/or music, explore Memphis, trail hike with my pup, and grow/cook delicious food.


This blog was previously used for a specific course that myself and a music teacher led as professional development for Teach for America corps members as part of Professional Saturdays.  I am now transitioning to using it as a way to communicate to art teachers in the Mississippi Delta and Arkansas regions as a leader in content or “Learning Team Leader”.  I want this to be a place where I can show the struggles and successes of my classroom and hopefully address the questions and concerns of others in my field.  I am still very much an active learner myself as this is merely my 4th year teaching and my first full year using the TAB (Teaching for Artistic Behavior) model.  I will share my thought processes as I make changes to (hopefully) make my classroom better, continue to utilize the things that work and discard the things that don’t.  Please let me know if there is a way that I can support you more fully as we start this new school year!

Let’s be a catalyst for the rise of the imagiNATION!



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