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Hello and Happy Weekend!

A few AR teachers had asked for some easy, art history resources so I have made a quick list of a few sites, books, and apps that I have found useful.  This is far from comprehensive but I think would be more than enough to get someone started.  Hopefully it can be a bit helpful and as always, feel free to comment below with additional suggestions!


Traditional Works

The Getty


Google Art Project

The Art History Archive


Contemporary Artists


The Jealous Curator

The Wooster Collective (street art)

Kind of a fun new list about teaching contemporary art comparatively with traditional art



REALLY Helpful

Annotated Mona Lisa by Carol Strickland

The Art Teacher’s Book of Lists by Helen D. Hume

Visually Nice

Children’s Book of Art by DK Publishing

Art: Over 2,500 Works from Cave to Contemporary by Andrew Graham-Dixon

Curriculum/Pacing-ish Stuff

Blueprint for the Arts (NY Dept of Ed)

Core Knowledge Sequence

Arts and the Common Core Mapping Project

Ipad and Iphone Apps

Art Authority – like a little museum in your phone. Can search by artist, subject or movement.

Musee de Lourve – highlighted works from the museum

Art History – terminology, definitions, historical groups and institutions pertaining to the study of art

Art History Test – Virtual Flash Cards for Art History

Love Art – The app from the National Gallery in London

Apps For Individual Artists Works (I’m sure there are more but…you know…)

DaVinci HD

Renoir Gallery HD


Vincent Van Gogh



One thought on “Art History Resources

  1. There’s a MoMa app on iPad too which is pretty cool. Kids can click on different works of art and hear audio and read a description of the work. It would be better for middle school-high school age. Great resources.

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