Another Video – David Garibaldi

My kids really loved seeing this video last year. It was great hearing them guess who he was painting!  It helps them see that art can be interactive and fun; that it doesn’t just have to be done one way.

From the David Garibaldi Website…

Check out his other great videos as well!




Agents of Change song

This is a great elementary/ middle school song from Music K-8 magazine to get your kids inspired to be leaders in their communities and to empower them to lead change.  If you want more info, email me.

– Leslie

Claim YOUR Community-Involved Arts Idea!

You inspire and amaze me, all of you!  Before Wednesday, sign on to this blog and put your name before your idea!  If you were not at ProSat this month, sign on and ADD your idea!

– 2nd Orff performance with singing, Orff, rhythmic stories and acting.  Curricular goals: keeping beat, tying to literacy, performance expeirnece, joy in music.  Arts Advocacy goals: linking music w/ education, showing that 1st graders can do music, show I care about their kids, value music and education over dead time at home.  Take-away: faith in me, HUGE pride in their kids, appreciation for music, encouraging their kids to continue with music to support their kids in school.

Question: How are your students’ parents/ community participating in arts creation in this performance?

– My plan (a bit simple at this point) is to have a community arts event at my art show which will involve parent creation (doodling on a chalkboard/ wall), as well as community participation in selection of the arts competition students.

– 1. At the Mar. 20th art show: sticky note critique and sticky bomb the question, “What does the school of the future need to be successful?” Draw or write the answers.

2. Students are writing their own lyrics about the change they want to see in Clarksdale and incorporating the lyrics into their self-portraits.  Performance art piece- they will hang the self-portraits around the gym on hooks during the Spring Festival to the songs they wrote and voice recordings.

3. The projects will eventually be displayed in the Delta Blues Museum.

– Dance/ drum circle next year w/ Ms. Wooten at Higgens.  Invite parents to learn more about drums and dance in Africa.

– Have my students teach the nursing home residents a song or some instrument.

– Incorporate audience into choir concert “thunderstorm” before the students sing Toto’s “Africa.”/ Stomp, percussion led after-school event.

– I plan to incorporate audience participation in my Spring concert.  I would like my students to teach the audience something by having them actually do it, like leading them in a round.  Also, I’m going to look for a piece of music that allows audience participation.

– Encapsulate my social criticism unit with graffiti and street art with a student show.  Students will get the opportunity to talk about their artwork.  A wall at the front of the show would have some basics on graffiti and provide markers so that people could leave their own mark on the way in/ out.

Blake Franks –
– End of the Year Art Show at a parent night -> but I want to do more than last year by including Fact Sheets about out different media/ material and art movements to make sure our artwork is more significant to them.  I think this is great to educate your audience, but how are you going to give them the opportunity to CREATE themselves?

Hannah-  1) I would like to plan a community arts event at Clarendon Elementary School where parents can critique student artwork and participate in our installation that Art II students will plan.

2) During the summer program I’m planning, I’d like my participants to plan a public art project that would help make Stuttgart a safer and more sustainable place. Our summer program grant is through Grand Aspirations, an organization focused on environmental justice and youth leadership development. One of our ideas is to have students advertise and grow the local farmer’s market by organizing musicians and displaying art in the current location: the parking lot of Farmers and Merchants bank in Stuttgart. The vision for the farmer’s market is to have it be a community space where kids and adults alike can drink sweet tea, enjoy some music and art and buy local, sustainably produced produce and canned goods. In talking with our perspective participants, we realized that there is a need for creating places that are safe for youth and community members to congregate in Stuttgart. We were thinking of having a “safe place” campaign wherein students would design signage that would designate shops, restaurants and parks in Stuttgart as places where the youth is committed to mutual peace and acceptance. The signage/ art aspect of this campaign would work in conjunction with teen-run anti-violence community nights and presentations.

3) I’m going to put a chalkboard or paper up in my classrooms where students can doodle and post what they are thinking and feeling in the classroom!

Leslie– I want to plan a secondary after-school community event for 4th quarter where my parents and student come together to create ukeleles.  This extends the learning my kids are doing in class about creating instruments from recycled materials, but it would be impractical to have K-2 kids making ukeleles without one-on-one adult help.  I will contact my former professor who used to lead workshops in creating these simple ukeleles to get directions, materials, and YouTube links to songs.  Take-away: a parent-student collaboration experience and a playable Ukelele!