Guest Collaborators: Brainstorming Q’s- Mentor

Here are your responses for the Key planning questions we discussed last Saturday:


1. Who would you want to come in? Other music teachers? Church musicians.  College students. Musical parents/ community members.

2. What would they teach/ how would they interact with your students? Strings (I wish), Character education, community involvement, consistently whole group- a face and name they can remember, relate to, seek out

3. What would be the outcome of the visit? Relationships, Accountability

4. How will it impact your students’ achievement/ investment/ life-path? LOTS! Refer to #3.  Study after study has shown that a private teacher is the #1 influencer on college music majors’ decision to study music as a career.

5. What problems do you anticipate encountering? Finding someone…  Maintaining consistency, How often?  Should they ever be alone with the kids?  What are the legal ramifications for me, as the teacher, if they are alone with kids?  Will it be more about music or character education? If it is about music, the character stuff with be included.

Please use the comments section or your edit abilities to add to these ideas as you go about the process of bringing someone in to present for your kids!  Also, add your solutions!


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