Guest Collaborators: Brainstorming Q’s- Guest Lecturer

Here are your responses for the Key planning questions we discussed last Saturday:

Guest Lecturer:

1. Who would you want to come in? Stan Street of Clarksdale (artist and local artist who made a living off of musicians).  Painting in AR. Oil paint teacher.  Capoeira.

2. What would they teach/ how would they interact with your students? teach career goals and paths, teach the process of creating realism painting (photos and planning), lessons on creating music/ art/ dance where they support students

3. What would be the outcome of the visit? Increased investment in students AND teachers, students gaining an understanding of the work necessary for success in the arts.

4. How will it impact your students’ achievement/ investment/ life-path?

5. What problems do you anticipate encountering? Funding! Check on school $ for arts in the classroom.  The logistics of bringing in students.  Time- making this a priority in the curriculum.

Please use the comments section or your edit abilities to add to these ideas as you go about the process of bringing someone in to present for your kids!  Also, add your solutions!


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