Let Us Introduce Ourselves

First of all, about us: We are an eclectic collective of current or former TFA art and music teachers in the Mississippi/Arkansas Delta region. Our mission is to provide a single go-to place for lesson plans, resources and practical tips to use in classrooms on a daily basis. We are excited to connect with a larger community of art teachers and bloggers as well as other TFAers to close the art(s) and creativity gap found in so many districts across the nation.

We will be posting individually and tagging to each contributing teacher so if you find someone’s style that really resonates with you, you will be able to easily find that one teacher over and over again with a simple glance and click. However, if you want to search for a specific resource or planning topic you can do that broadly with the search bar, categories or tagging features. As the founder, I will be monitoring posts, making sure that they are useful, appropriate, tagged and categorized correctly to make the site as streamlined and user friendly as possible. This is my first serious blog so you will have to forgive me as I learn the ins and outs.

Finally, we hope to have a variety of contributors through posting and comments so that we can have a giant bank of useful and productive resources and communication networks. Please give and take freely (after all, a blog is only as good as its content) so we can better the arts education our children are receiving nation-wide!

Let’s be a catalyst for the rise of the imagiNATION!



2010 Delta Corp: K-4 Art